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NTZ Foundation is the is the underlying “soul” of our entire organization. 


“There should be no other reason for the attainment of wealth other than to provide improvement to the society in which

we all live.”


NTZ Foundation endeavors to provide solutions to global, national, and local challenges with a focus on social issues, education, climate, wealth inequality, scientific advancement, and the general betterment of the human condition.




We believe that the most important element in advancing humanity is education. It is the most fundamental and important aspect of any planned society and must be funded in a manner respectful of its priority in the continued development of our species.

Climate / Environment / Conservation

This fragile ecosystem in which we all live only extends about 10 miles up into the atmosphere - as thin as a sheet of food storage film wrapped around a basketball. There is a delicate balance of gasses and temperatures in this zone which dictates life on this planet. We MUST safeguard the air, water, and land of this planet to ensure the survival of humankind.


Scientific Advancement

Hand in hand with our sister organizations, we will make sure that the research our team conducts finds its way to the people who can use it the most. Whether it be in physics, or inequality studies, our problem-solving methodology can be used effectively under most circumstances.

Social Issues / Human Condition

Our research indicates that investment in the low-income populations yields the greatest rate of return in both GDP and reported happiness of a given group. If we understand the basic needs of an individual, we can remove the stress, and anxiety of these basic necessities, so our popolus can work to better themselves and their communities.


Giving Back

Through our current volunteering efforts, we are engaged in community-level participation, and our give-back plan includes  more diverse and far-reaching solutions as we reach particular milestones in corporate growth.



NTZ Foundation

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