The NTZ Companies are divided into four independent units each with their own specialization.


NTZ Sciences is the research arm of our organization and focuses on finding solutions to complex problems via rigourous examination and experimentation. Our work includes study in such fields as cosmology, astrophyscis, and quantum mechanics, but  is not limited to the physcial sciences. 


Ideas, concepts, and theories are vetted through the research conducted by NTZ Sciences before being turned over to NTZ Labs for further development. Research will be published where applicable.


NTZ Labs builds upon the work begun by NTZ Sciences. Projects will be taken to the next phase of development and prepared (if intended) for commercial release. NTZ Labs also consults on topics ranging from cybersecurity to engineering.

Areas of Concentration

Non-Chemical Space Propulsion

Group Think


Products in Development


NTZ Studios is the creative arm of the organization, specializing in conceptual development, branding, marketing and communication messaging across multiple media platforms. This department was originally set up to handle creative and advertising related functions of Nineshotz, but has developed into an award-winning creative agency.


  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Branding

  • Advertising

  • Marketing

  • Product Development 

NTZ Foundation is the is the underlying “soul” of our entire organization. 


“There should be no other reason for the attainment of wealth other than to provide improvement in the lives of the less fortunate.”


NTZ Foundation will endeavor to provide solutions to global, national, and local challenges with a focus on social issues, education, climate, wealth inequality, scientific advancement and the general betterment of the human condition.