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Simply put, Nineshotz manufactures premium alcoholic shots available in many delicious flavors.

The Problem:

Adult beverage options are boring and predictable. Beer, wine, or watered-down cocktails are the typical uninspiring choices; not to mention glass bottles are prohibited in many places like pool decks and beaches. Making drinks at home or on the boat is even harder, always leaving a sticky mess and dishes to be done.

The Solution:

Nineshotz Premium Alcoholic Beverages!

Grab a few of our 9-Pack Cubes (450mL), or a handful of SingleShots (50mL) and let the party begin. With the ease of pull-ring opening, our beach and pool-friendly plastic shotglasses are the perfect solution for almost every occasion. Plus, our 40-proof flavors are unlike anything else on the market. From authentic margaritas featuring real lime juice to indulgent 'dessert' shots made with real dairy cream.

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